How To Beat The FaceBook Algorithm (We Should Have All Done This Since Day 1): By Joseph Wojcicki

If you have kids this is also a good habit to instill early. To block facebooks algorithm; Delete Your Posts At The End Of Each Week. Big tech companies are using your information, selling your information, and in the interest of so-called security they are using machine learning. Is this for your benefit? They do not need to create a "social credit score" on you based on their agendas. To protect yourself from screening at the end of each week delete your posts. They cannot sell your information or using screening perimeters against you if they do not have your information. Try to resist the urge to comment other people posts as much. Call them on the phone or the next time you see them give them a face-to-face comment. Social networking does provide great conversation starters, The danger in social networking is the reward system created by google and the social networks. Often content creators will post the raciest content just to get you to comment click and share. More comments clicks and shares mean higher ranking with google. Social network engineers refer to this as "Jockeying For Status" They post content that encourages you to argue, they call you racist, they president bash, they gay bash. The content creator does not care about your response they just want you to comment click and share. They've created a system that Pitts people against each other. There is a way to beat it and help create a healthier internet. Simply delete your content at the end of each week. In the beginning delete a little old content each week as well until eventually its all gone. Facebook does not need to keep a dossier against you or your family. You bring your closest friends and family together on facebook and often you dont know if your close friends even get to see your posts. Youve placed facebook between you and your friends. By deleteing your content at the end of each week more of your family and friends will be able to see your posts because the screening parameters will not work on you. Right now facebook has you labelled by political affiliation.

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