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Joseph wojcicki
Joseph wojcicki Jul 29 '18
I started this group after receiving bad service from two major bike shops in Orlando. Had I taken time to do research On Youtube I could Have Fixed The Bikes Myself. I had an older Raleigh where the steering had seized up. The guy at the bike store told me I should just throw the bike away. There are alot of valuable parts on a bike you should never throw your bike away. I think he just wanted to sell me a bike I later fixed the issue after watching a youtube video. I took a vintage Schwinn to a shop a year later and I heard that same phrase "you should throw your bike away" I thought where have I heard that before? This bike did have an issue however, the seat was in mint condition, tires and rims mint, paint job, handlebars and shifters mint, no rust on dérailleur. I did fix the bike. Thats when it clicked I have to be knowledgeable myself before taking a bike to a shop. Since then I have taken a repair course I ve got a huge collection of bikes and plenty of bikes just to play around with. `I will be adding youtube videos to a channel Ive set up about bike repair. I will be showing how to do it and some of the problems Ive run into while doing repairs.
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