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fujielevators Nov 11 '18

For any homeowner, upgrading an aging elevator is reluctant, but some things must be done at some stage, because the elevator will become more energy efficient after the upgrade. Elevator Factory Fuji has provided you with some upgrade suggestions.

If your elevator is not modern (or at least maintains minimum fire, safety and customer satisfaction standards), you may face greater cost of ownership. It is important to remember that these changes do not have to be implemented at the same time. To make them as affordable as possible, you can allow them for your maintenance budget over time.

The traction elevator moves up and down the wire rope, and the wire rope has a counterweight at the other end. Traction elevators are more energy efficient than hydraulic elevators because they share a certain load. Therefore, by simply replacing the other (most new elevators now use towed elevators), you can greatly reduce operating costs. Modern traction lifts also use a regenerative drive that captures the downward energy of the cab and converts it into electrical energy, which is then pumped back to the building's energy grid.

Here are some small aspects:

Lighting and buttons: Use LED lights instead of fluorescent tubes, incandescent or halogen lamps.

Start up: Replace the old starter, and the new starter protects you from low-level power supplies that can cause voltage shortages.

Controller: Uses the standby mode controller to turn off or reduce lighting when the car is not occupied.